Remains of the Gartenschau

As I promised pictures of Wuerzburg.

This beautiful gardens were part of the so called Gartenschau of Wuerzburg. After the end of the Schau, some parts of it still remained as a little park near Marienberg castle.

And here so pics:

  1. The Japanes Garden

2. The romantic Entrance garden

3. Celtic Garden, French Cottage garden, African garden etc….


4. Apotheker Garden

Keep Flowers alive and guard your tongue

Today I have to show a picture of our blooming cactus. Why is it so special? Because I’m a notorious flower killer but this cactus is growing so well…

Every time I get a plant as a present for example…two weeks later it’s dead…:( Some of them I give to my Mum before they die….they live happily ever after….so most of our flowers and pot plants are artificial..but this cactus is blooming and I’m so proud!!


Hm this post seems a bit short…I’m afraid we need more Milo and Henry:) with their sweet little tongues.

Just Milo and Henry..

Here are some picture of Milo and Henry and the fact, that it’s not always easy taking pic of them when one is sneezing or fells asleep….

Most of the time Milo looks so sad, I really don’t know why…I need some happy-funny pics of him…..

First Travel for Months – unknown parts of Nuremberg

Two weeks ago we went on our first trip for month. We decided to visit Nuremberg again, one of our most favorite Bavarian towns:

Hesperiadengarten and Buergermeistergarten.

Nuremberg’s famous bridges.

Kaiserburg and White Tower.

Counting days, hours and seconds

I’ve been busy since my Mum’s birthday V_v. Coming home after 9 hours of work without a break, I’m just to tired to do anything, just shopping, housework and cooking….no pictures of our food, no pictures of a little trip into nature….

Oh but I’ve found the time to sew our new Christmas table runner and cushions…a bit early you might think, but I need this stuff for my sista’s birthday in September…and next month I’m on HOLIDAY!!! Yeah we take a trip to Franken and visit towns like Wurzburg, Aschaffenburg and Rothenburg!! In Aschaffenburg is the so called Pompeianum, it’s a replica of an ancient Roman Villa built by the Bavarian king Ludwig I….:) I hope I could make some good pictures…

Next Saturday we’re making a Cowboy Party with Chicken, Guacamole, Tacos and Potato Wedges, maybe I will take some pictures here, too. It’s a bit strange, because I choose a Moroccan recipe for the chicken, but it sounded soooo good……

This post looks so boring without a picture, so here are Milo and Henry




Cena Milonis

This weekend we were celebrating my mothers birthday and we decided to make it an ancient Roman dinner.

The decoration was cheap and quickly made of paper:

We served eggs with a sauce made of ground nuts, fresh pepper, honey, salt and white wine:


Mustea, small buns with Marsala and laurel leaves. Here is my interpretation of the recipe, not ancient but tasty.

500g flour

250 g quark

50 ml Marsala

90 ml warm water, to dissolve

2 pcks dry yeast

1 tsp salt

freshly ground pepper

1/2 tsp ground coriander seeds

make 16 small balls and set each one on a laurel leave, bake at 200°F for 20 Min.


And my favorite part, my sister’s roast wild boar.

We made cuts in the roast and stuffed it with rosemary, garlic and honey, then it went into the slow cooker with Marsala, cumin and red wine.

After that the sauce was enriched with dates, mustard, vinegar and almonds.


Have a nice week!!!