Counting days, hours and seconds

I've been busy since my Mum's birthday V_v. Coming home after 9 hours of work without a break, I'm just to tired to do anything, just shopping, housework and pictures of our food, no pictures of a little trip into nature.... Oh but I've found the time to sew our new Christmas table runner … Continue reading Counting days, hours and seconds

Cena Milonis

This weekend we were celebrating my mothers birthday and we decided to make it an ancient Roman dinner. The decoration was cheap and quickly made of paper: We served eggs with a sauce made of ground nuts, fresh pepper, honey, salt and white wine: Mustea, small buns with Marsala and laurel leaves. Here is my … Continue reading Cena Milonis

Get in the ring: The prince vs. the eggplant

Hello out there! Today we have another of our potpourri-posts. First I want to show a picture of Henry and Milo in one of their fight-plays. And a much nice shot of Henry đŸ™‚ He looks so sweet here, but he is pure evil (at least that's Milo's opinion) And a very easy and short … Continue reading Get in the ring: The prince vs. the eggplant

Sunny Side up

A warm welcome to my blog! At the moment it's so extremely sunny and hot here, more like July and August are supposed to be... We had our breakfast on the balcony and took a long walk alongside the Danube afterwards... Then we visited our Mum and had her 'Zigeunerschnitzel' It's pork cutlet with a … Continue reading Sunny Side up

Early Summer Jam – to look at, to eat and to pet

Random pictures taken over the last few weeks A great and really easy recipe for asparagus: You just need grilled green asparagus, seasoned with salt and pepper, a crispy fried egg, old white bread, cubed and fried in a pan with crushed garlic, pepper, salt and chili flakes..I love it!! And that's our little sweety … Continue reading Early Summer Jam – to look at, to eat and to pet