The Force is strong with Deutscchh

So we went to the exhibition and had a real great day!!

First of all I have to say that I had much more fun than I expected.

We left home very, very early in the morning – or should I call it night? – and went to Munich by train.

In the meantime Lenny and Hannibal were in very good hands


(Hannibal had a bad feeling about this, but I told him not to worry cuz he is no good to Boba dead-never pay him in advance!!)

Having arrived in Munich we went to the Olympiapark, much too early for the exhibition, so we took a walk in the park.

And then the Star Wars Identities Exhibition opened its gates.


Before we could star we were taught about using a head set and a digital bracelet, which you need for creating your Star Wars character. I was sure mine wouldn’t work and got a bit pissed off, but then suddenly I could hear the Star Wars theme and was happy 🙂

The whole rooms were completely black with few light from above and the showcases which looked very good but was a bit tricky to take pics <_<

The costumes were amazing (BOBA!!!!), and so were the masks and the machines.

I really don’t like little Anakin doing the podrace, but seeing his racer next to you…..suddenly you thought ‘hey that racer is pretty cool, why didn’t they use it for a cool guy to fly?


hmmm dunno you were just allowed to take pics for private use…is this private? I think so….


Wait a minute!! Wasn’t that guy supposed to look after our cats??

No, Boba, no money for you this time!!!


Tusken Raiders, they look great in some strange way, but I still don’t know is it all amask they are wearing, should this be their face, if not, what do they look like, is this a mouth??????????????

Are these two metal sticks coming out of their head air conditioners??

Beside these wonderful original costumes you could get information about character development via headset and creepy storyboard sketches..e.g. Yoda looking like one of the Seven Dwarfs.

But now the best thing about Star Wars Identities: the character creating!!

I really don’t like this interactive stuff you have to do nowadays to make things ‘more interesting’ but here it was awesome!!

You could choose which creature you wanted to be, then  some stuff about where you were born, parents jobs, who’s your hero, profession, how you would act in certain situations……at the end of the journey you got a picture of your own character and could send it on your email account so save it.

And now the best things about our characters:

My sister wanted to be a bounty hunter, but the button for this didn’t work so she tried the next profession cuz she thought her bracelet stopped working and bang this one did work and now she is a Jedi dressed like Obiwan Kenobi.

I was an evil musician playing the flute, a skill which I perfected with the help of Boba Fett (look after my cats, boy, stop standing around in Exhibitions playing the flute!!!!!!)

But our mother stole the show! First of all she took a Kaminoan character! Who in the whole galaxy wants to look like a Kaminoan? Not even Kaminoans! That’s why they clone people…thenyou had to choose your language at the beginning and then take a name for the Character…my mother chose the language and when she should enter the name, she thought she would have to enter the language again and typed Deutsch, misspelling it to Deutscchh……and now there is this Kaminoan woman called Deutscchh.

You want to meet Deutscchh….here she is:


After spending lots of money on Star Wars t-Shirts, keychains, breadboards, we left the building and headed for the Olympia shopping mall.

Three broke girls left the mall and looked for the next train home…

There Hannibal, Lennard and – -surprise! – Boba were already waiting for us with an amazing tasty Cajun stuffed bread and a chilled beer!!!!




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