In this post I want to introduce two of my passions besides Star Wars and photography (yeah, I LOVE taking pictures, always running around with my big camera, but I only shoot landscapes, animals, food or art…no people, never, I don’t like people-but back to topic):

Cooking, Food and Drinks!!!

IMG_0927Here we have an incredible Mint Julep with spicy peanuts……IMG_0930.JPG

And this one is epic! Slow Cooker spareribs, sweet potatoes, marinated onions and cucumber salad served with ice cold beer and homemade ginger ale…

That’s heaven for me: a big kitchen and lots of empty stomaches.

I know most standard bar drinks by heart and always try new variations. Counting all the drinks I’ve mixed in my whole life one would think I’m a professional barkeeper or an alcoholic <_<. The first book with cocktail recipes I got from my parents when I was 15….and that’s really weird..really really…

And my sister and I love cooking and we also started collecting cookbooks when we were children and our favorite was and still is the American cusin, specially Southern Cooking and spicy Tex-Mex.



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