A Cricket, a Toad and a Fox nearly make a Disney movie, but without a happy-end cause the mouse didn’t make it..

The weather was wonderful today, not usual for a Sunday weather! So we took the chance for a walk in the nature and I really enjoyed it.

But first of all I have to write about last friday night and why I don’t have to go out for a bit of nature..

I was sitting in the living-room watching TV (my sister was taking a short sleep, because she came home from work late) when I heard the sound of a cricket. I thought it came from the balcony…but then I heard it again and again, very close..too close.

Suddenly I realized that it came from my room and rushed in, cause I didn’t want my cat to find him first.

At the same time the cricket jumped out of my room and we nearly crushed at the door.

-great, so I didn’t have to search for it-

I ran into the dining room, took the next best dish, hurried back and catched the cricket.

Hannibal followed me with great interest but fortunately too little speed đŸ™‚ The cricket was save and he could just watch him jumping around in the dish..

When my sister came back, she helped me to get the little visitor at the balcony..


And here he is!! Why ‘he’? That’s Jiminy Cricket!!!!

But back to Sunday!!

Jiminy wasn’t the last wild animal we met. At our walk we met two tiny sweet toads:


Lots of birds and a little fox, yeah a real fox. I couldn’t take a picture of the fox, because he disappeared so quickly in a cornfield.

But here are some other pictures….





And this one looks very beautiful in my opinion, it’s a very small river…


Enjoy the photos!!




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