Frankie got the autumn blues

So finally it’s September and summer is over for me. Therefore I started decorating for autumn-too early? I dunno, but I’m in the right mood for it.


But I’m working on something else right now, which brings me to the best thing about September. It’s my sister’s birthday and that means big party with lots of cooking and decoration-oh I LOVE it.

This year I’m going to throw a mexican party ( <_<I confess I use this one because it means TEQUILA!!!), but at the moment I’m busy with her presents….

She found this Frankenstein’s Monster-Boris Karloff-stencil on the net while searching for pumpkin stencils. And I thought just cool, lets use it and I some canvas, freezer paper and color and there he is, little Frankie!



He really is a good looking guy, but what now? Hell I have no idea what to do with him!

First I thought I could make a pillow, but my sister has enough pillows…or maybe a bag?

I’m not sure, oh Frankie, you put me in a very complicated situation and now I’ve got the blues too.


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