Festina Lente and Vegetable War

Last time I wrote about my sister’s birthday, but September is also the birthmonth of Emporer Augustus, a great and interesting person I spent a lot of time with at University.

Maybe our politicians today should read about Augustus and other late Roman Republican senators, it would help them lying and insulting others with style, wit and without being laughable oneself.

Romans did a lot of terrible things, but they knew how to showcase, they knew when to stop and had a very pragmatic world view.


Why August?? It’s not short for Augustus, this picture is just part of an old calender I once made and it was for the month august…

But back to now 🙂

I just saw this post

Today, I share with you the silly story of the butternut squash vine that crawled 20 feet along our fence line and then weaseled its way 7 feet up a tree. The best part? That, of all places, was where it decided to deposit a new, plump butternut squash. Gardening is full of surprises like […]

über Uexpected Garden Delight: The Squash in a Tree — Recipe in a Bottle

and it made me jealous <_<, I love butternut squashes!! But I have to buy them…

But at the same time it made me think about recipes with butternut squashes and here  is a very easy one called


150 g bacon, diced

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

300g squash

4 potatoes

1 can tomatoes

1/4 l chicken broth

2 cayenne peppers

1 tsp marjoram

150 g green peas

1 can corn kernel

60 g parmesan cheese

  1. Cube squash and potatoes
  2. Saute onions, bacon and garlic
  3. Add squash, tomatoes and potatoes
  4. Pour in the broth and let simmer for about 30 Min. or until potatoes and squash are soft
  5. Add peppers and peas
  6. Season with marjoram and salt
  7. Serve with cheese , french bread and Mexican beer!!!

PS: If you haven’t watched Boba catching Pokemons already, do it now, it’s so great!!!

Yeah, this post was a bit confusing about its topic, but that me, a rather confused and crazy person with lots of interests….


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