Stream of consciousness from buns to black revolution massacre

Okay this is one of the entries you start without having any idea what to write about…

Let’s start with this, I made some breakfast rolls for the weekend (no, I won’t post the recipe, not a recipe with east again!!), but look how Hannibal treated my baking efforts!!


He found them so boring, he slept on them for hours…..

In the meantime I could finish another project I started weeks ago and totally forgot about it.

 yeah I finished what I started!!!

A present for my Star Wars loving mother:

A “That’s no moon” jewellery box.

I took an old wood box, painted it with blue, glitter, white and lilac to give it an outerspace look – okay, okay I know that the galaxy doesn’t look like this, but I’m no artist…

And then I thought about something Star Warsy and the quote “That’s no moon” came to my mind.

I printed it and put it on the box using transfer potch.

Inside the lid a picture of the death star is waiting.


While I’m writing this I’m listening to the new Green Day song “Revolution Radio”, a very catchy song in a typical Green Day style with a good chorus….I’m a huge of Green Day and Punk in general and I think I’ll have to buy this album (I have all their other albums too)

At the moment I’m very into music, searching for new songs and I discovered two other interesting bands, not new, but who passed me by all the years, because they are not so popular in Germany:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Brian Johnstown Massacre

I love the Psychodelic style (especially the guitar) and the Hippie touch of BJM with a bunch of dark Irony, but the album B.R.M.C. is a wallow in emotions and I think it gets me, cause I’m also a child of the 90ies, who listened to the same music as this band…

So I don’t know, should I buy Take it from the man by BJM oder B.R.M.C. by BRMC…I don’t want to buy 3 albums…>.<…

You don’t know what I’m talking about?

Then here is some music you should give a try:

Green Day “Revolution Radio”

Green Day “Good Riddance”-a classic

Brian Johnstown Massacre “David Bowie”

Brian Johnstown Massacre “Straight up and down”

Brian Johnstown Massacre “In my Life”

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “At my door”

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Awake”

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Red eyes and tears”


Listen to this and have a good night or day,

your Grungy Hippie Punk, who’s favorite band is NIN



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