Tipsy planning

Finally Lennard fixed the Birthday Menu for his mother…

Bilder 320.jpg

Huevos Rancheros for Breakfast

Barbacoa Beef with tortillas, marinated onion, peppers, sour cream and avocado for dinner

A Mexican pink cake and Rocky Road Tasty Team Treats for the sweet tooth..

This wouldn’t be complete without Margaritas, Mexican Beer and Mexican wine….

Sounds yummy and  extremely easy to make….a bit too easy in my opinion…v_v

But I’m also starting to plan Halloween, here I decided to make a New Orleans theme with Bourbon Chicken and Hurricans…

But here I’m not sure about the cake, first I thought a Red Velvet cake would fit, but my sisters doesn’t like that cake cause she thinks the soda-vinegar thing creates a acid taste…..

Hm..this post is rather uninteresting to read..maybe we need a quick recipe to end this:)

Margarita Punch:

250 ml Tequila (usually I use less)

100 ml Cointreau

50 ml Vodka

250 ml lime juice

150 ml Seven-up (usually I take more)

Serve with lots of crushed ice…



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