Infernal heat and the question if Han Solo ever read a book?

On our way home my sister and I passed our book tree, that is a showcase that looks like a tree where everybody in town can put his old books or take the book of his choice for free. It’s a very nice idea I think – instead of ending in the waste a book can find a new owner, not everybody wants to sell them on ebay or amazon……

Okay so today we took a look and we found this old, grungy Harry Potter and the socerer’s stone. I read the book once, but never bought it and now we own it for free.

And that made me think how much I like children literature..(or at least was it called a children book today)…not Harry Potter in the first place (there are some thing about it that I like and some that I don’t like).

Authors of children books always impressed so much for their genius and imagination. If I read a book for adults – and there are real good one too – I think that was good, but here we sometimes have so ludicrous idea youn won’t believe…

But the best things are illustrated children books! Illustrators are my heros, if I had had more talent (means ANY talent at all), I would have learned book illustrating, so the talentless woman started collecting illustrated books…

So what are some of the best children books in my opinion?

A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh is great and contains lovely pictures!!

Uri Orlev’s The Dragon’s Crown (no paintings<_<)

Collodi’s Pinocchio (not really for children, but the original edition is brilliantly illustrated)

Felix Salten’s Bambi

The books of Edith Nesbit (specially Wet Magic, a nice thing about war)

Illustration Special:

Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Paterson’s Foxwoos Tales

Julia Donaldson’s Gruffalo or Room on the broom

Enough of books, this is a Star Wars blog and the Star Wars universe is not very bookish….I think only Jedis read books at all…..oh and maybe senators……do you see books in Star Wars (except for the Jedi Library in the Clone Wars..)

I want to close this post with am impression of last autumn, at the moment it’s soooo hot here, hotter than July or August and I want to have autumn!!!!







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