Show me how you live and I tell you about your mental condition part 1: Bumbi

Last year my sister and I bought a great big apartment. That meant saying goodbye to the big garden of our old rented house. But the apartment is great, it’s in the middle of town, has a big balcony for our chilis and we could decorate and style it as we liked. It was much work for me, but absolutely worth it.

Some people would think that the owners of this apartment must be lunatics, but for me it’s heaven and so I want to show some bits of our crazyniss now and then and I want to start with our dining room guest: Bumbi

It’s an old pastic deer head, I found on a peddlers market. It was so awful I had to buy it.

I think he likes living with us, cause he started dressing up a bit…here are some pics

bild-138Summer edition

cimg2516Winter deer

cimg2610drunken Mardi Gras guy

Halloween he wears Vampire teeth but I can’t find a pic of last years…..

So have a nice day or good night!!!


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