Well organized Happy Endings and duck conspiracy

Yeah Frankie got his Happy Ending as a shopping bag for my sista:


Oh and here you can also see my dummy wearing my new blouse and my Star Wars/Finn-Poe Jacket inspired bag…..

And I also made some storage cases cause my sista complained lately that our bathroom cupboards aren’t organized enough…


What else can I  tell you about this weekend?

I got the Black Key’s Album ‘El Camino’ from the library, it sounds pretty good, specially the first track ‘Lonely Boy’, has a great rythm…

And the weather’s changed, it rained the whole Saturday, but not today so we could take a walk and I took this pics:



In the park where I took the pic of the fountain we suddenly got attacked by a wild bunch of evil looking ducks. We had no food for them so we took to our heels…..

So that’s for the weekend and may the duck be with you!!



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