Le anniversaire est mort, vive le Halloween!!

So my sisters birthday is over and all went well


Everbody ate too much, but we had a lot of fun watching “Attack of the clones” and discussing that time seems to pass quicker on Naboo than on Kamino…

But now it’s over and we started working for Halloween season:

I made a felt Boogieman in the moon from ‘A nightmare before Christmas’ for our apartment door (it was a pumpkin stencil form the internet I carbed some years ago)

and my sista got a big candlestand for her birthday and I made some rotten fingers and torn out teeth for its Halloween decoration – the fingers really look cool, does anybody need someone to build fake body parts for movies? I think I discovered a creepy passion….img_1167

I want to end the post with a picture of our sweety Hannibal:


In the following posts I’m going to show you my pumpkin carvings so far, our Roman livestyle and German Christmas baking you MUST give a try cause it’s gorgeous.



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