Look back in Melancholy and Coins or another strange part of our home: zona antiqua

Here are some pics of our Halloween pumpkins over the years. I know they aren’t special or not as good as the American ones you can see on the internet V_v…but I always liked them and the children coming to our house liked them too….but now with no children coming to our apartment and the pumpkin standing on the balcony, it isn’t the same and so we decided that there won’t be a Halloween pumpkin this year. We have so much new other decoration for our home…but there will be a pumpkin next year….

So here is my humble gallery:

pumpkin2my first Pumpkin 2008



bild-199bild3-378both 2011





Enough of pumpkins, they always rot to quickly, let’s show another part of our home:

The antique Zone of our living-room.


The bust of the Apoll of Belvedere really looks great against the warm green wall


A wooden cupboard decorated with the Roman quote ‘Si bellum vis, para bellum’, ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’.

And a showcase full of Roman replicas and some real antique stuff, like old rings, scarf pins and coins. The coins I cleaned myself, it was really handworking and took weeks, but it was fun at the same time…

img_1144 img_1145

That post really contains of nothing but pictures….hm think next time I’ll have to do more writing….

Good night and dream of Roman pumpkin heads…


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