Martha Stewart would be pleased with our scoundrels’ new home and planning a busy weekend

The new living space of our eponymous guys Boba and Lando is ready and beautiful.

I finally managed to hang up the metal background for them, eventually not in the way I thought I could fix it….but sometimes you must go unconventional ways to reach your goals…

We prettied up the scenery with a bit of green and red. The cachepots I’ve made out of old cans, which I painted and decorated with prints by transfer patch. Sorry for the pictures, but the Han-Lea quote was sooo tempting V_v… I made portraits of the two dolls and photoshoped them….it’s funny, it’s complete nonsense…it’s Star Wars, so it’s perfect…img_1171


Yeah that’s the decoration of my bookshelf…

At the moment we are making plans for the weekend and Monday, our ‘Tag der deutschen Einheit’, that means staying at home :), first of all we are starting decorating for Halloween and we will have an Italian food weekend with Saltimbocca alla Romana, Ciabatta  and my Lasagne (recipe will follow) and of course Italian wine….

While looking for the pumpkin pictures of the last entry I found something that made me very sad, a picture of Gustav at Halloween some years ago at our old house:


Gustav was Hannibal’s brother and they lived in our street, but the people didn’t care much for their cats and they always ran around in the street (Hannibal had a very serious accident, lost his tail, broke his hip..). Then one day Gustav met my sister in our garden and she played with him and he started visiting day Hannibal also came to our garden and I fell in love with him!! Gustav didn’t like staying in a house so he just came to our garden, whereas Hannibal soon moved in and stayed. When we moved to our apartment we asked their owners if Hannibal can come with us and they said of course, it’s your cat now not ours. We would loved to take Gustav too but you cannot hold this cat in an apartment no matter how big…It really broke our hearts to leave him behind and I still miss him.

PS: I called it ‘our old house’ but damned that really looks old at this pic…more like a ruin..


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