River Styx and bloody wedding or the art of baking with two broken arms

So I promised to show some of our historic Halloween baking disasters…

Yeah I call them disasters, cuz if you take a look at pinterest etc. you can see Halloween cakes that are real works of arts and you think HOW CAN SOMEONE HUMAN MAKE SUCH BEAUTIFUL CAKES??? Compared to them our look like their where made by cooks with two broken arms…V_v That’s the dark side of the internet-you see how things should look like V_v….but our cakes made a lot of fun to make and they tasted really good, so they are the best!

Bild 211.jpg

This one I call the River Styx-Pie…yeah it reminds me of these dead bodies floating in the River in Hades….I think it was a Licorice-Pie

My favorites are my sisters bloody wedding cakes for our “Death at the wedding” decoration:

Bild 259.jpg


Jesus just look at the bride and groom (made by me), I think they killed themself as they took a first look at their cake!!halloween-012

And here’s a Barmbrack, an Irish Halloween cake


This one looks good!! O_o wow (I didn’t make it)


Okay that’s enough  for today.

Have a nice day and may the ghost of Halloween be with you!!!




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