All at once still makes no sense except for Saints, Souls and Clones

Here’s another post about nothing and everything…

First of all a picture of my lovely Hannibal with dirty nose.


Then I proudly present new texil stencil paintings.

The first a Banksy rat, I love his Street Art, it’s amazing, I would give anything for his talent:


And a Clone Trooper Shirt, which says ‘Clone life matters’

I got inspired by a scene in the Clone Wars, when Sinker, a Clone Trooper says to Plo Koon

“We’re just clones, sir. We’re meant to be expendable.”

And Plo Koon answers:’Not to me!’

And I had to think about the ‘Blacklifematters’ movement, a thing that makes me really sad. Such a movement shouldn’t exist, because it should be UNDOUBTED that their lives  – everybody’ life matters…IMG_1214.JPG

And here is a short story about a Bavarian tradition – and yeast again V_v…:

The All Souls’ Day Braid

It’s a buttery yeast dough shaped in a 4-parted braid. In old times All Souls’ Day was the day, you visit the graves of your relatives and after that families met and ate this Braid. As only All Saints’ Day is a public holiday, graves are visited on this day and also the Braid moved on this date, still keeping it’s original name.

When I was young you could buy huge Allerseelenzoepfe in every bakery in town, braids about 16 inch long and with 2 or 3 braids in piles. Baking Allerseelenzoepfe was a real piece of art. Today you don’t see them very often, there is perhaps one bakery in our town still making this stuff.

Then accidentally I found this recipe, tried it and it really tasted like the once I ate  at my Great-Aunt.

And here is the recipe:

Allerseelenzopf (Sellerwecken as it is called in our region)

1 kg flour

500 ml warm milk

1 pck. dry yeast

100 g sugar

1 pinch of salt

200 g butter

Prepare the dough as usual, let it rise about 1 1/2 hours, shape the bread and let rise another 45 Min.

Bake at 400°F for about 45 Min.

I always cover it up with a bit of baking parchment after 15 Min. because due to the amount of butter in it it quickly turns dark….

The best part is the braiding. I always cannot remember how to braid with 4 strings…I stand there, putting the strings this way and that way for at least 5 minutes until I get it right……I think I’m a bit stupid…



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