Indian Bavarian Summer, Kylo Swen and something Obi Wan Kenobi has no need for: Bavarian Totenbretter

I’m just back of a little walk in a very cold Novemberweather. I actually didn’t notice how cold it really was, cuz the sun was shining…but then I got aware of it when my fingers turned blue and I couldn’t move them anymore..

But I got this nice picture of wonderful autumn colors:



And here you can clearly see the difference between the Light and the Dark Side..(btw the swan to the right is Kylo, sparkles of light still touch his rump)

And today I want to show you some old Bavarian Tradition: Totenbretter (planks of the dead)


Here is a picture of such planks (it was from 2015).

Long ago the dead used to be carried out of their houses and taken to the funeral on wooden planks (no coffin!!)

These planks were buried with the corpse or recycled. But especially in the Bavarian Forest people started to decorate them, carve or burn in name and date of death and set them up on roads, near churches etc..

This tradition lives on until today, but now no corpse lay on them, just planks with crosses and names…

So you see, Obi Wan doesn’t need such a thing, he only needed a clothing drive..

So have a nice day!!



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