Ceres sings a foggy dew


Here is an old picture I like very much. The Amaryllis was a gift, normally I don’t buy flowers for our home (garden is, inside no), I always manage to kill them at once…

But this wasn’t the picture I was looking for (enough Star Wars for this post).

THIS is the pic I want to show you! An inspiration for autumn/Thanksgiving centerpieces on your dinner table:

a golden cornucopia


My sister made it years ago. I just had the idea and told her and how I would make it. She said let me do it and I said okay.

And here it is, I love it, it was very cheap made of papier-mâché and old newpaper.

First you screw the paper up and make the shape, wrap around some tape to keep the shape and cover with papier-mâché until it looks good, then paint it golden or brown.

To be honest I wanted to show you some more pictures of Totenbretter, but I cannot find them O-O my photo folders on my PC are so chaotic…it’s a same, millions of pictures lying around without any glimpse of a system…

So just show some other picsfrench-186

french 187.jpg


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