Let’s face it: we’re getting too old for this stuff

Long time ago my sister found some Star Wars T-Shirts on the internet she really liked. She showed them to me and said: “These prints are great, they would be perfect for pyjamas!”

Me: “Okay, then why don’t you just buy them?”

She: “I can’t buy them, they are for kids only, they are far too small!!”

Me: “???? +_+???? So what? Maybe we’re getting too old for this.”

She: “They have thousands of prints for adult, but I like these. Maybe you could use the prints and sew some pyjamas for us, would be a great Christmas gift.”

Okay, what should I do?? She bought the tiny shirts and here I am, looking up my fabric stock and thinking…so I came from this:

to this:

The dress is for me, I like the mash up of the girly dress and the Starfighters.

The shirts gets an orange hot pants. My sisters wanted the comic-print because it has Boba Fett on it. She bought another beautiful Boba Fett shirts at the Star Wars Exhibition in July, I got a Darth Vader Shirt, bcause they had no Lando Shirt…..

And here is another picture of Hannibal. Today he got some chicken and now he’s guarding the fridge. He is very persistent, it will go on for some days…IMG_1255.JPG

I’m going to end this post with the section: random photography and nobody knows why it’s been posted here. Actually these are two other pics I took last Tuesday on my walk…

A really nice looking house and our bridges over the Danube:



So, while you are looking at my photography I can start sewing our Pyjamas…..



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