“Who’s the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?”

That’s my quote for this week.

So let’s start this post with some random music and book recommendations

First a very good accoustic version of ‘US Government’ by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in a minor key:

BRMC live at KEXP

A sweet Green Day performance of ‘Good Riddance’ and ‘Ordinary World’, a very catchy song of their new album ‘Revolution Radio’, one of my album favorites:

Green Day ‘Ordinary World-Good Riddance’

And for good reading:

Harper Lee ‘To kill a mockingbird’

Excellent writing, the story about racism and prejudice told though the eyes of a child is brilliant and interesting, because you have to look behind her naive view to see the real meaning.

Steven Saylor ‘A Twist at the end’

It’s about the so called ‘Servant Girl Annihilator’, an Austin serial killer of 1885.

Saylor mixes real facts and detailed informations of the unsolved case with a vivid view of the American society of 1885. Using different narrative perspectives and time lines Saylor also avoids boring repetitions in describing each murder in details.

But now the main reason for this post: photography!!

My sister went to Ischia (holiday!!) today, I took her to the station and on my way back took some night pictures. It’s cold and rainy at the moment, so my lense got steamed up when i came home. I used this to take some pictures of our Lord in the House, the big statue of Christ in my sisters room – a guy who also should appear in my ‘Show me how you live’posts…


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