We’re in this together now

So my sista is in Italy sending me beautiful pictures….and I’m sitting here alone all the time…so I’ve been busy sewing the Star Wars night gowns and they look really nice.

And now here’s a picture of Hannibal and Lennardimg_1318

They are such a nice couple, they really love each other.

Lennard has been alone for so many years. We never thought he would accept another cat, but he saw Hannibal and was in love (as we all were!!)

Now they go through thick and thin. When Lenny got blind because of hypertension, Hannibal was there for him When Hannibal cannot walk for a while because he once broke his hip in an bad accident and still has pain, Lenny is there and nudges him…

Yeah that makes me think of ‘We’re in this together now’ by NIN, a great song by the way, as all NIN songs are…




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