Attenti Ai Gatti!! Attenti Al Gatto Matto!! Attenti Al Hannibale!!! Or the contradiction between a cat and a beautiful home

So today my sista got back from her trip to Ischia (no, it wasn’t as great as you may think because she went their with her workmates and they don’t seem to be interested in much more than drinking wine, eating and sleeping – I would have given my right arm for a photo trip there!!!) and she got my presents!!

An Italian pasta seasoning (I’m going to open it on Friday) and a wonderful tile with cats!!! It’s soooo beautiful, I love it and I think it will look perfect on our green Living-Room wall just beneath the pictures of Caesar and Augustus (btw Ischia once belong to the Emporer Augustus, but he liked Capri a bit more…)


Speaking of cats, I just got a new piece of decoration WITH cats and lost another piece BY a cat:

Monday morning Hannibal broke a rather expensive music box, I also got from my sista once….It was the second time her broke it, last time we could repair it but this time…..I dunno…..V_v He beheaded the deer on the box and broke all for legs…


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