What does the crazy old Lady with cats wear at night?

At the moment I ‘ve two things on my mind:

First our Thanksgiving dinner (okay my sista will make the major parts, but cookies and snacks are on me) -note: Thanksgiving is of course no German Holiday, we don’t have to thank Indians for food, but at Lenny’s Diner there is Thanksgiving every year –  and what we have t0 prepare for Christmas decoration and gifts.

So I asked my Ma if she needs something I can sew and she said she could use summer pyjamas….I thought thats great cause very easy to do and searched my fabric stock.

And then I found this black & white kitty head print. It was just perfect because my mother is also a cat lover and owner and so I used my Saturday afternoon for this nice gift:


We also finished our Star Wars calender for 2017 with pics from the Star Wars exhibition (I’m going to show it on a later post) and I’m very excited about our brand new Star Wars Christmas Tree!!!

We decided that we need such a tree in spring time, bought a silver tree and collected items, crocheted and cross stitched and at last we can see the result!!!!


Here is my crocheted troop of Christmas ornaments.


PS: The Amish White Bread I talked about in the last post was amazing!!!

I think we will use it for little cornucopias for Thanksgiving breakfast…




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