Better late than never, Mr. Bingles

Okay, I know Thanksgiving was on Thursday, but we had to work. So we had our “Thanksgiving dinner” on Saturday.

We had a Jack Rose Cocktail as a starter, then my sista made a breast of duck with chestnut stuffing and cranberry sauce.

The recipe for the stuffing is from

(If you like food and holidays buy this book!!!)

And this weekend we are going to start our Christmas decoration…lots of work V_v

But it’s all my fault, I even did some Christmas curtains (and I HATE changing curtains)

But this means lots of pictures in the coming days.

Brand new picture of our Star Wars Christmas Tree!!

And I start with the introduction of a new member in our Christmas Insanity Club:

Mr. Bingles

My sista found the story of this little Louisiana snowman on the internet (why a snowman in Louisiana??) and we thought it was really cute and I had the idea to sew our own Mr. Bingles (he will get a swing and will hang down from the window –  why a swing? Why a snowman????)

I started him this afternoon while my sista was on a shopping trip and here he is:




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