Same procedure as every year

Hi folks, I hope you had a nice week. I've spent the whole week with cooking, eating, watching TV, sewing, taking a walk.... But today I want to talk about our Silvester/New Year party.. Silvester also has some rituals in our home, I dunno how we ended up with them, but now it's the same procedure … Continue reading Same procedure as every year


Sad Nostalgy

You won't believe me, but last Sunday was the first time I ever saw 'The force awakens', I got it as a Christmas present and I had to admit that I enjoyed it more seeing Carrie Fisher's Leia again than Han Solo....and than 2 days later that tragic news. I was ten years old when … Continue reading Sad Nostalgy

Something old, nothing new, something bought not borrowed and red instead of blue

I was doing lots of Christmas preparation this weekend (we baked Vanillekipferl and Gingerbreads, I cut my hair, my sista made the Gulasch for Silvester and marinated the Spiced Beef, we wraped our presents) and started to think about sewing projects for the work kept me indoor and nothing interesting happened.... As a matter … Continue reading Something old, nothing new, something bought not borrowed and red instead of blue

Lost in Relocation – A Star Wars Story

Today is a Star Wars day because Rogue One is at the cinema now, so I need a Star Wars post. Looking at old photo-files I found this and there is a sad story behind it (not really sad, just strange) Years ago I made my sista two shopping bags for Christmas, one was with NIN … Continue reading Lost in Relocation – A Star Wars Story

Broken Christmas Tradition

Today I'm going to tell you about a strange Christmas Tradition, that has developed over the last years and will be broken this year: We go to the Museum in our town. Our town is rather small, we don't have great museums, but we have a Jahreskrippe there, that's a small puppet theater with scenes of … Continue reading Broken Christmas Tradition