Christmas 02

So this year there won’t be a white Christmas in Bavaria and honestly I’m not really sad about that fact 😉

BUT I have to admit, that I like taking picture with snow, cuz they always have a nice atmosphere. So here are some takes from 2 years ago.

And now back to our Christmas decoration.


I was soo proud when I finished a pair of these lovely pillowcases. And then we moved in our apartement, bought two new sofas…..and we needed 4 pillows….+_+…now my mother has this nice Christmas pillows and we have none. But I haven’t had the time to think about some special design for them…so maybe next Christmas…


These are our stockings for the presents in the morning. Mine is the one with the black cat, my sista got Red Riding Hood (no, she is not running from the squirrel) and our Mum, who always comes for breakfast got the one with the tree…


A new wreath, we made last year..

And here is the centerpiece of our living-room: the Christmas tree


How should I end this post?

Of course with a picture of Hannibal!IMG_1428.JPG

Yeah he looks like dog food here…



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