Sad Nostalgy

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You won’t believe me, but last Sunday was the first time I ever saw ‘The force awakens’, I got it as a Christmas present and I had to admit that I enjoyed it more seeing Carrie Fisher’s Leia again than Han Solo….and than 2 days later that tragic news.

I was ten years old when I first watched Star Wars and I was fascinated at once. It was on Tv on Thursday evening and we couldn’t stay up, so we recorded it. On Friday when school was out my sista and me came home, ate something and jumped directly into the living-room to  watch Star Wars. My Mum was at work and wanted to watch it in the evening with us,  so we just watched it a second time at the same day, but we couldn’t wait.

The next week ‘The Empire strikes back’ was on TV-same procedure, we watched it right after school, so excited I remember that when Vader told Luke that he was his father, I snatched the telephone receiver, rang my Mum at work (who thought something serious happened at home) and told her: Mum, you won’t believe it, Luke is Darth Vader’s father!!’ and she:….no!!! not the ‘Child don’t call me at work with such nonsense’… was: You are kidding me!! I want to come home to see this!!! If only work was over!! That’s so brilliant. I love Darth Vader!‘ – who’s the greater fool 🙂 I was ten!!! what was my Mum’s excuse??

And one thing about Star Wars was that Leia was one of the really few female characters either on TV or in books that I really liked and cared about. (Just imagine the tragic irony: my sista and I loved playing movies and book scripts with our Barbies and you have 20 great looking girls with lots of cloth but no good part to play and 5 ugly old men with only bathing slips or tuxedos but great roles to play……for us directors such situations were really hard…) So Carrie Fisher was my special female hero from that time on. Thank you for that!

But don’t reduce Carrie Fisher to playing one good written role, she are an adoreable woman, wicked, witty, humerous and authentic. Leia had really good lines in the movies, but listening to Carrie Fisher herself, I’m afraid she was the one who could leave the princess speachless..

We lost an icon and part of our lives, somebody lost a part of their family.



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