Same procedure as every year

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Hi folks, I hope you had a nice week.

I’ve spent the whole week with cooking, eating, watching TV, sewing, taking a walk….

But today I want to talk about our Silvester/New Year party..

Silvester also has some rituals in our home, I dunno how we ended up with them, but now it’s the same procedure as every year…

First of all we always watch the same movie for…hm…many, many years: ‘Walk the Line’ with Joaquin  Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. It has lots of music in it, everybody likes Johnny Cash and it’s my mother’s favorite movie, maybe these are the reasons….I cannot tell. Before we bought this DVD we just watched ANY movie.

After the big firework (that’s a really big thing in Germany, because it is our only firework in the whole year) we always make one cocktail (usually a Blue Lagoon) and eat Gulaschsoup, hot and spicy. My sister makes this soup since she was a kid and I loooove it so much!!!

For the party we make meatballs and sauce and ‘Saltbutter Cookies’, great cookies that are not really sweet or salty, something in the middle….and this recipe I want to share today:

Saltbutter Cookies

150 g butter mixed with 1/2 tsp salt

25 g powdered sugar

3 Tbsp white wine

250 g flour

Mix all ingredients together, let the dough cool for half an hour.

Roll out about 1 cm thick. Cut our some fancy shapes.

Brush them with 1 eggyolk and 1 Tbsp white wine.

Back at 420°F for 8 min or until golden brown on top.

Enjoy them:) and everybody out there a Happy Year, Health, Luck and whatelse you want!





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