Call me SnackyCrackyBreadaunt

First of all a very short and easy recipe of crackers I made for the party: Quarkcrackers from a cookbook from the 80s.

We ate them with shrimp butter and I can only tell you wow!!!


200 g flour

85 g margarine

100 g low-fat curd

1 good dash of salt

1 egg to brush the crackers

Mix the first 4 ingredients very well, let cool for 30 minutes, roll out the dough (1/2 cm thick). Cut out in round shapes, brush with egg and bake at 400°F for about 20 minutes.

And that’s what they look like:


Yes I noticed it myself: most of my recipes are about breads, crackers and such sort of snacks and apetizers, but I love this parts of dinners and parties best!!!! All my friends like baking cookies or cakes and decorating them or making fancy desserts, but this here is my passion!!!!!!!! Just add a cold beer or a bottle of good wine…just perfect….


Now I want to show some pictures of our decoration and food, e.g. an Irish Cream dessert I made for New Years dinner, my sister’s Beef Wellington…..



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