Iko Iko Aftershow Party

So yesterday was my birthday and all I can say is that it was a great day with lots of good food…but it’s not the end of my birthday party 🙂 Because my birthday was on Sunday and we all had to go to work on Monday morning so we decided that there was just a birthday dinner on Sunday and the Mardi Gras party goes on next Saturday, that means beignets, sweets, Sangria and lots of cocktails for next weekend…..

This Sunday we had a Pulled Pork Cheese Burger with Purple Sweet Potato Chips, a Cucumber Salad and Red Onion Jam and it tasted as it sounds..just great!!img_1563

And we had a Hurricane!!


My Hurricane recipe for this time:

6 cl Gin

6 cl Bourbon

4 cl Amaretto

1 dash Grenadine

crush ice

20 cl passion fruit juice

10 cl soda (because passion fruit is sooo so supersweet)

BTW at the moment I’m looking for new (means I haven’t listened to it yet) music..

and here are some good songs (yeah some are really old) for my 2017:

Badfinger – Baby Blue (no, not Breaking Bad…never watched the show, not one minute…)

Phil Ochs – I ain’t marching anymore (my sista introduced me to Phil Ochs’ political music this weekend and I really got into it…I love political lyrics….oh think back when music had something to say, when each artist had his or her special way to express feelings and statements….. )

Dropkick Murphys – I’m shipping up to Boston ( I’m totally in love with Irish Folk music..I know them all, Foggy Dew, Arthur McBride, Bantry Girl’s lament, The lonesome boatman, Follow me up to Carlow…..and of course I love Dropkick Murphys BUT although ‘I’m shipping up to Boston’ is one of their favorite ones I don’t have this one somewhere in my music collection…shame on me)

See you next weekend:)…I mean see you doubled next weekend…..




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