Call it Birthday 2.0 or pointless babble


So have a look at my Non-Birthday breakfast! It was pancakes with crispy bacon and egg, covered with Hot Sauce and Maple Syrup, one of my absolute favorite beginnings of a wonderful day.

Look at the pancakes, I baked them myself (my sista made the batter, but hates to bake them…strange, strange…) and I decorated them with Mardi Gras crowns….doesn’t it look sweet…no? okay, maybe you are right…

Then we had Chorizos with Cole Slaw and fantastic Southern potato salad, which look like this:img_1571

AND FOR DESSERT: BEIGNETS!!!!!!!!!! I really ate too much of them, but they are soooo great…


Yeah we had a real orgy this weekend so we had to take a little walk….and we walked to the area we lived before moving in our apartment about 1,5 years ago and there he was! In the garden of my former German teacher I saw the most bizarre cat.
I just had to laugh when I saw him, cause he looked so…I don’t know how to call it….but I shouldn’t bully him, because he is a poor guy like Hannibal, he only has one ear…and I know if I had seen him somewhere homeless I would have taken him at once…the big nose, the hanging, strange eyes….great!!!


I don’t want to end my post with this sad cat, so I decided to show a picture of a beautiful flower I got for my birthday of one of my workmates…it’s a star of Bethlehem….You want to here a strange fact about this one too? Okay in Germany it’s also called Gardener’s Death….and I AM THE GARDENER!!!


Was the any sense or structure in this post? Not at all….but be indulgent to me, I’m MTV-Generation, we all have forms of ADHD


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