Fairydust intolerance or the confession of a chain gang member

If I was entitled to make one wish it would be a new job! It’ really a kind of living hell for me, I cannot sleep anymore, lose weight(which could be a positive effect for some people) and get grey hair <_<(which has nothing positive at all).

But I think luck or good fairies steer clear of people like me…or maybe my mother kept my away from faeries because of an innate intolerance of them…..we won’t deepen this

Another thing that doesn’t improve my situation is my immobility…when I was young and kind of society critic hippie I refused to take a driving test so that I won’t pollute the climate unnecessarily….that maybe a nice idea, but it’s not got when you are looking for a job. Additionally we bought this apartment together and so I’m double-chained to this place….

But I stray from the topic! Because I wanted to tell you that at the moment I have another first place wish: Mimmi, my mother’s cat, stopped eating yesterday and she looks very very weak, I hope she gets better although I have not much hope…Mimmi is rather old, 18 years!! We got her when she was a baby and after my father died she means everything to my mother.

Hm I really don’t know how to end this post making it a bit brighter and optimistic…

The only thing I can think of is a bit of springMrz0047.jpg

PS: Here is a rather strange bit of poetry I made for my Mum and Mimmi

My kitten baked cupcakes, my kitten baked bread.

But the untidy mess that she left made me mad.

So one day I told her ‘be neat and not mean,

Stop using my kitchen without keeping it clean.’

My kitten now spends the whole day in her seat,

And I have got pots that sparkle and glitter, but nothing to eat.

by untalented Mother Goose Wannabe

I always wanted to do a little drawing to this one, frame it and hang it up in my mother’s kitchen….maybe I really should



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