Black Valentine and a bit of this and that, hoping that it’s not spoiled

In Order to give a very unstructured post an apparent relevance and a sophisticated look just use numbers at the beginning of every pointless contribution…okay I’ll try…

  1. First of all Mimmi was at the doctor’s and he found out that she’s got kidney insufficiency AND via functional thyroid…that’s really no good news, but he also told us that it’s not so worse in this stadium and he thinks (or hopes) that with the right food and medicine she can live on for a long time. I’m not so sure and optimistic but at least she has started eating again…I keep my fingers crossed for her…
  2. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and Single me and Single sista always make a great dinner, sweets and snacks for this Lovers’ Day (indeed, we always look for excuses to make great food orgies…..) but my appetite is not really big on working days, so we wait for the weekend.                                                                                                                             And what is on the Menu of this years Single Valentine’s Dinner?

Orange scented Pork tenderloins with Rice

Victoria Sandwiches and hm good question:  I’ve found ground almonds beyond  expiration date, and we decided if they are still good ->Almond cookies, if not-> Orange cookies


Jalapeno and Cheddar Bretzels 

Italian Bagels 

Darth Vader Wine Gums

3. I also noticed that it’s Black History Month in the US and therefore I thought about watching a movie which fits into such a Month…..maybe The Help, haven’t watched it yet..

4. All these writings look so dull, so we need some pictures in this post. I’ve got nothing connected with one of the other topics, therefore I’ll show random animal pictures – everybody likes animals, so here we go:


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