Et in Arcadia ego, your sincerely Acedia

I’m really shocked! Everything in our home seemed so perfect and beautiful and everybody was happy and then you get the news that your cat slowly transforms into a stone or something immobile because he is too lazy to move at all!

Now we have one hyperactive Hannibal always running around and making you stumble whenever he gets a chance and Acedia in Persona……


Oh Jesus! I should have noticed it! He is lying in 95% of all pictures and most of the time his eyes are also closed!!

But you can’t incite Lenny to play and even Hannibal cannot encourage him…..

Today Lenny was lying next to me on the couch legs stretched out, Hannibal was running up and down. You may think now that Lenny would jump off the couch and follow him in a chase….but not Lenny! He watched him a short time, got annoyed, stretched his arm out even longer and next time Hannibal passed him, Hannibal got a slap….Lenny is a real Couch Potato…

But back to Valentine’s Dinner: I really, really want to make Italian Taralli, but I made a big mistake – I searched the net for a recipe! Now I’ve got millions of different recipes and don’t know which one to use….the internet can sometimes be more confusing than helpful…..

To finish my post I show you some old photography stuff with the title ‘Take a seat’:


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