The butler, the bounty hunter and the wardrobe

First of all the Movie ‘The Help’ mysteriously turned into ‘The Butler’, a great journey through U.S. history in a soft tone and without too much pathos and with a great cast even in the smallest parts.

Even Darth Vader liked the movie…but he didn’t make it to the end, he was Cherry Coke flavored and just too sweet…..he lost the whole crew!!

Yep, my sista made this great gummy yummy Star Wars sweets for Valentine?

Why Darth Vader for Valentine? Who else?

I haven’t been lazy myself and tried  Apulian Taralli, which were sooo crispy as I hoped they would be.


But I didn’t spend all my weekend in the kitchen, I also sewed some new kitchen curtains for my Mum, it’s a Mother’s Day present (why sewing it now? because I’ve got millions of other sewing projects….) I’m very proud of the curtains, I used embroidered batiste and a sweet fresh green ribbon. My Mum’s kitchen is rather small and I had the idea that it should look like a nostalgic puppet’s kitchen….and I think the result is perfect.

We also bought  a dainty, green flower pot, which we want to fill with different herbs……………..what? You ask if there is the picture of a naked man on my wardrobe? Oh yes of course!! It’s a exhibition poster from 1992, Julian Green ‘Statuen sprechen’ in the Glyptothek in Munich. It shows my absolute favorite piece of art, the Barberinian Fawn O_o (If  one day you hear about him being stolen form the museum you know it was me!!! I want this statue in my garden – btw the Bavarian King also has stolen it from the Pope….)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, my own shots of the Barberian Fawn:


Now what is the bounty hunter doing in my post? That was the best part of the weekend, our Valentine’s present from our Mum (she always makes presents..) a Boba Fett Helmet miniature:

So have a nice week and Good Night from Germany!!



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