Neo-Neo everywhere, does anyone have 2 ,5 Million dollars to spare?

Why do I need 2,5 Mio. dollar? Hey, do you know someone who doesn’t?

Okay I need it, because I just fell in love with an old Creole Cottage in New Orleans.

Visit the cottage of my dreams

My sister showed me the picture she found in the internet and ♥♥…It is handcrafted perfection to me, it combines French-Creole Nobleness with Mediterranean Lightness.

Just look at the green wooden shutters, awesome! And it has a patio, a brilliant architectonic feature of ancient Roman city houses….

New Orleans has a lot of great pieces of architecture of various kinds of styles and periods, that would make a very good photo trip!!!

Sitting here far, far away from something interesting, I decided to start posting pictures of old buildings of my hometown. Here is my first gallery, which i my opinions shows clearly that even this small town was infected by 19th century Neo-fever….Neo-Gothic, Neo-Baroque, Neo-Renaissance…

Next time we will have a closer look on our urban villas….


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