He was facing half the Turkish army, armed only with a small piece of cutlery…

Who was facing what???? That’s a quote from the TV series ‘Black Adder’ from 1982 – no, I’m not that old 🙂 – which is one of my all-time favorites on TV, very clever and extremely funny jokes about British History and Literature..everybody loves Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Mr. Bean’, but in my opinion ‘Black Adder’ is far more sophisticated and elegant…..

But I only used this quote as title, because this weekend I discovered how effective this little piece of cutlery can really be. I got accidentally stabbed with a fruit knife including blood spout, butterfly closure and tetanus injection…

I wasn’t allowed to use my left hand (my writing hand!!!), so I could go to work for two days…and I have sooo much work to do, because next week I’m on holiday!!!+_+

So I had to stay at home and could do a useful thing without using my hand…very frustrating, even more when you start watching strange TV shows……

So I decided to read and what did I read? ‘The Narrow corner’ by Somerset Maugham.

The book just lay around and so I took it, because Mr. Maugham isn’t the author I would normally choose because of a strange relationship between us. At university when I was studying English literature we had a translation class and the professor was a very dull and boring guy who happened to be a Maugham-devotee. He always used small passages of Maugham for translation and I really hated this class and therefor I started disliking Maugham without really reading him.

So now with a stabbed and swollen hand it was the right time to read Maugham…and I have to admit that it was no bad reading. The protagonists are interesting and authentic, there is even some amount of linguistic jokes in it and the story keeps you thrilled till the end.

The constellation with the doctor, the grumpy and shifty skipper and the mysterious young chap could have also made up a great adventure story. Put it in Victorian age and you could think of a wonderful story for Leon Garfield or Stevenson….

Hm..interesting. Now that my hand hurts I write a longer post than usually…

But enough of words, we need some pictures to end this post, otherwise it all gets a bit dull and boring like my professor!!!!

‘Pretty Hate Machine’:


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