Ithaca – or planning the week and enjoying the sun

Last Friday Hannibal got his Globules! It took them quite a long time cuz the shop sent them on a odyssey back to our old address 😦 But at last they reached the shores of Ithaca .

We started Hannibal’s cure with 5 pulsatilla a day for his cold and hopefully he will get better soon.

Hm what else…yeah this week is green and Irish! Therefore we once again had an green Burger with cole slaw:


I’m going to cook some Southern dishes this week like Jambalya and Boudin Balls, but my sista will honour the Irish with a Stilton-Parsnips dish and a Venison Guinness Stew….we still have no clue for a cake, pie or whatever for St. Patrick’s day….

The weather was great, first signs of spring!! So we took a walk to the Danube with a bag of old bread. Last time we met a swan and I promised him to bring some food (wait who on earth makes a promise to a swan??? I do) and we always keep our word.

In the end we fed two swans and a whole punch of crazy ducks and I learned two things:

  1. never dare to visit about 15 ducks with only 5 slices of bread on a Sunday morning
  2. swans are elegant swimmers but seeing them walk across a sandy beach is a rather agonizing sight

And here are some other pictures fro our walk:

Have a nice week with a great St. Patrick’s Day.



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