Today’s Dinner: Labskaus, easy and fishy

Today my sista made Labskaus, a Nordic German dinner, really not very common down here in Bavaria.

It’s eaten with salted herring, typical for recipes from the Nordic Sea, but in South Germany nobody really likes fish, except maybe fishfingers…

It looks like this:



2 onions, cubed

1 can corned beef, cubed

5 potatoes, cooked and cut in sliced

2 beetroots, cooked and cubed

200 g sour cream

3 eggs

pickled cucumbers

salted herring

Brown the onions in a big frying pan, add roots, potatoes and meat. Season with salt and pepper and mix with sour cream.

Serve over fried eggs, cucumbers and herring.

So enjoy it and see you soon!

PS: Weather here is horrible and far from spring, so cold and it started raining on Friday and hasn’t stopped since…I think we should start building an Ark…



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