The ancient dressed truth about fairy tales with an ominous taste of banana

Hi out there!

I hope you have better weather than we have here at the moment, it’s kinda cold November rain and not Welcome Summer warm and sunny. Our plants all have to wait inside because it’s too cold for them to stay outside during the night…

So I stay inside myself without a chance to make new photos….therefore I searched in my archive for some old stuff.

But I want to start this post with a recommendation for everybody interested in History or fashion and living not too far away from Munich.

The Glyptothek and the Staatliche Antikensammlung offer a worthwhile exhibition on Greek fashion and cloth making in combination with a Fashion exhibition by modern designers inspired by Greek Art. Take a look!

Everybody not able to get to Munich take look here!

Some random pictures that remind me of fairy tales when looking at the them.

BTW have I already mentioned that I’m really fascinated by fairy tales? My sista and I started collecting fairy tale books when we where at school and college….I think I have about 30 books…..and what fairy tales do I like most? Hm Irland, Iceland or Hungary e.g. have great stories…..but all tales are a priceless view on time, society and culture and how they all mix up so that in the end every country has its own version of for example Snowwhite or Sleeping Beauty….oh and here is the link back to my photography!!

Sleeping Beauty:imm027_8A.jpg



Godfather Death (you are right, he is indeed eating a banana, why shouldn’t he, bananas are tasty-btw a recipe for a banana rhubarb cake is on its way)


The story of the Youth who went Forth to learn what fear was (okay no haunted castle…)


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