The Grave Chapel – a victory of nature

Today I want to show you another piece of art and history of my hometown, the so called Grabkapelle  (grave chapel). It's a small Baroque chapel next to our church and the graveyard. It has a little altar in it showing a Pietá with a Veil of Veronica beneath. The chapel is named after a … Continue reading The Grave Chapel – a victory of nature


Lenny’s Tapas Bar

After a short glimpse on what to serve in a French Brasserie (Btw I checked the menu card of our new Brasserie in town - no artichokes, shame on them!!!) here is another idea for small dishes and appetizers which in combination give a great party dinner for summer: Spanish Tapas with Mexican touch For Lenny's … Continue reading Lenny’s Tapas Bar

Bienvenue à la Brasserie

Next month a new restaurant is about to open in our town, called Brasserie Amelie, a French inspired restaurant with snacks and wine. And this inspired us to try some French delicacy: Artichokes with dips and garlic-honey bread I have never eaten artichokes, but they turned out to be really easy to cook and VERY … Continue reading Bienvenue à la Brasserie

Ex Voto

Here is another post on German traditions you can find in our region: Votivbilder The pictures I'll show you are from the pilgrimage church 'Zur schmerzhaften Muttergotters' on the Geiersberg (one of the oldest pilgrimage churches in Bavaria btw, finished in 1486) What is a Votivbild? They are pictures made by Catholics as a donation … Continue reading Ex Voto

Flower power and sunny weather at last!!

I don't like flowers in my home, because they would die within a few hours, I'm a plant and flower murderer. My old garden was great, but inside the house->KILLER!!...Either they get too much water or no water at all.... But I enjoy them out in the nature because they are always good for a photo … Continue reading Flower power and sunny weather at last!!

Luring Summer with Colors

It's May and we already had some taste of summer, but all in all spring has been rather rainy and cold. So I can't wait for sun and heat, no jackets, shorts, sandals...... This weekend is Mother's Day - as everybody knows - and Lennard needed a present for his mother and I as his … Continue reading Luring Summer with Colors