Show me how you live….:Caribbean Feeling and the Mother of New Orleans Voodoo…

Today I finished our new curtain for the Bathroom….it’s a short cloud curtain in blue. We needed a new one because me old sea life cotton curtain was bleached and killed by too much sun…in the end it turned out completely white….

This one makes a great lighting and also looks great in our little pirate cave.

Yes, pirates are our motto for the bathroom, we decorated it with fishes, seashells, pirate flags, ships and old maps….yeah I know now everybody thinks of Jack Sparrow….but although I like part one of the movies, it is the Pirates of the Caribbean coaster in Disneyland Paris that is my number one Pirate thing ever. I love the smell in the dungeons, the song, the splashing water, the tropical darkness at some points…..Hm I think I could ride this coaster a whole day……it’s one of my favorite things in Disneyland Paris, next to Star Tour and Phantom Manor…….


But let’s come to another room, a very special and strange, maybe horrifying  room: The Voodoo cabinet

All dedicated to New Orleans Voodoo culture and African heritage:

CIMG2644A little altar

CIMG3095A nice quilt

CIMG2805 (2)Yeah an alligator skull, we got it in a pet shop, it’s a terrarium decoration….

CIMG2804 (2)

The centerpiece of the room with Marie Laveau herself……

Now look at the cool grungy wall in blood red, it looks like worn-out velvet ….this is a rather odd story….as we moved to this apartment I painted all walls there and this one I painted in a nice dark red, the wall looked perfect as I went home to our old house letting it dry….I went to work the next day….My mother and our neighbor went to the apartment and brought some stuff there….then my mother told my in the evening that our neighbor was fascinated by my paint art work and asked how I made the effects on the wall……. and I was O_o…what are you talking about, I just painted it red….????????…and she: No, it looks to bizarre,  just like hellfire……me again: O_O???? Next day I took a look and was in horror, the wall must have had some kind of film on it so that it didn’t absorb the color equally.

I really like the result, so amazing and it fits perfectly..but it wasn’t planned that way….but the light blue in my room looks boring compared to this….

Hope you enjoyed our little sightseeing in our weird home….which looks like a tiny Disneyland of its own….oh next time I have to show you our Disney collection in our corridor……


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