Ex Voto

Here is another post on German traditions you can find in our region:


The pictures I’ll show you are from the pilgrimage church ‘Zur schmerzhaften Muttergotters’ on the Geiersberg (one of the oldest pilgrimage churches in Bavaria btw, finished in 1486)

What is a Votivbild? They are pictures made by Catholics as a donation or sacrifice for God or Mary (in rarer cases for other saints). Some thank for a rescue from am emergency situation, some beg for the rescue from an emergency situation and some are just donations for luck and a good life on earth and in heaven.

They decorate the walls of pilgrimage churches or other cultic places.

Some show a specific situation in the life of the donators or their families, some just show angels and Mary, some show the donators kneeling for God.

All have inscriptions with year dates, names and some information on the donator and the circumstances or the Votiv. The size and quality of the picture depends on the social status of the people.

The main period for Votivbilder was from the baroque period until about 19th century.

Here are some more picture, please enjoy!

The classical donator pictures


This one here wasn’t rescued at all, the inscription tells us that the Votivtafel is for a rating who drowned 1839…

I’m going to end the post with pictures of the pilgrimage church:



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