Landolovesboba has found a new tree!

Some more pictures I made heading to Natternberg. Flowers and trees? Again? Really? Yes I never get bored by nature!! The weather was brilliant btw. It’s really hot in Germany at the moment, but we started early in the morning and got a wonderful mixture of sun and mild temperatures….

The Story of a Cat, Snakes and the Devil

Yes, you are right I just took a little walk for you and came back with lots of pictures and stories. This time our destination was Natternberg, a small hill not far from us. What is special about Natternberg? You must know that it lies in a very flat area, very very flat, just this…

La trattoria

So the birthday party is over and here are some recipes as promised: Ciabatta: Lievito madre (start at least 3 days ahead): 100 g flour 100 ml water Mix and put it on a warm and sunny place, wait until it starts bubbling and smelling sour. But remember, this could take 3-5 days!! After bubbling…

Of Syracuse, Cotton fields and an unpopular journey

Welcome to La Trattoria di Leonardo, our little Italian restaurant, open just the week of my Mother’s birthday! This Monday was my Mother’s birthday and we decided to make an Italian Birthday party for her with ciabatta, tonno alla siracusiana, breadsticks, cantuccini and Italian salad, bottles of wine, prosecco… My sister and I had to…

Little Sweet Tooth in a Purple Dream

I know these are not exceptional shots, but I love the purple color and the bumblebee was so sweet 🙂 First I hoped it was a bee, because Germany is struggling with alarming bee dying at the moment…..

Hail to the cook and may the fork be with you!

Today’s post’s just about cooking as I promised…. Our Pentecost dinner was a mixture of Greek, Turkish and Northern African food: The decoration was opulent with gold but at the same time not overdone. In the evening I served home-made simit (Turkish sesame yeast rings), I made them rather small, not as they are usually…

The post about the fence post

Just some new pictures, I have had no time for my Pentecost dinner post with some gorgeous recipes….but it will follow soon. Bye and have a nice week!!

Dead Giants

Here is another part of Charley’s adventure: On our way we passed a field of huge sunflowers from last year. They haven’t been cut, they just dried in the sun still standing there, that really looked some kinda creepy… See you soon and many more pictures are on their way!!

Travels with Charley

Today I want to introduce our little friend Charley who took an rather long and interesting journey with us. The weather today was brilliant so my sister and I took a walk into nature…. When we were at home my sister noticed our little stowaway in the envelope of her trousers..a tiny snail we named…


Some other pictures of nature from a little walk after a terrible working day – the only thing that keeps me alive at the moment….. Have a nice weekend!!


This weekend is Pentecost and so I decided to show some pictures of Peonies. Why a Peony? Their German name is Pfingstrose and that means Pentecost Rose, because they blossom around Pentecost. BTW our Pentecost Dinner will be a mixture of Turkish, Greek and North African food