Travels with Charley

Today I want to introduce our little friend Charley who took an rather long and interesting journey with us.

The weather today was brilliant so my sister and I took a walk into nature….

When we were at home my sister noticed our little stowaway in the envelope of her trousers..a tiny snail we named Charley..IMG_18561.JPG

I like snails, when I was a kid I actually played with them. So Charley got his happy ending with a new home in my mother’s garden. It might have been a strange sight when my sisters went through town with Charley sitting in her hand on our way to our Mum…..

So what did Charley meet on his journey?

Lots of flowers:

Challenging paths and a very burning sun

Bizarre waters

And a beautiful sight of our town with its 3 towers


Greetings from Charley and some more pictures of his adventures will follow..


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