Of Syracuse, Cotton fields and an unpopular journey


Welcome to La Trattoria di Leonardo, our little Italian restaurant, open just the week of my Mother’s birthday!

This Monday was my Mother’s birthday and we decided to make an Italian Birthday party for her with ciabatta, tonno alla siracusiana, breadsticks, cantuccini and Italian salad, bottles of wine, prosecco…

My sister and I had to work on Monday so we deferred it to Thursday – yet again a holiday in Bavaria, not in Germany, it’s Corpus Christi.

So I gonna post some pictures and of course recipes from some of my favorite Italian and Pseudo-Italian food….

BTW the biga for my ciabatta is sleeping next to my sister in her king-size bed at the very moment…..<_<…

What else I could tell you….

Oh yes, here’s another music recommendation:

On Tuesday I got ‘The Definitive Leadbelly’, 2 cds (yeah right CD, not download!! I’m definitely outdated…) and I love it, great songs, great mood…..give me fine Southern food, a cups of sweet tea or a mint julep, this kind of music and life is just perfect…..

PS: Hannibal and Leonard have to go to the veterinarian tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed for them, I don’t wanna here bad news for them!!





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