The Story of a Cat, Snakes and the Devil

Yes, you are right I just took a little walk for you and came back with lots of pictures and stories.

This time our destination was Natternberg, a small hill not far from us.

What is special about Natternberg? You must know that it lies in a very flat area, very very flat, just this little hill lying on the plains like a gigantic rock and so there are myths about it.

The most famous one is that one day the Devil decided to destroy our town with a big rock. Just when he wanted to throw it, the bells of our churches started chiming and the devil dropped the stone (aka Natternberg) and ran away.

So we went to the devil’s rock, which’s name Natternberg means Adders Rock…but we haven’t met any adders, just a little frog and a wonderful little kitten:


The rock was used by the Romans for a watching post, because from this point you have a very good look on the other side of the Danube where the Celts lived.

Today there are ruins of a medieval fortification on Natternberg

And here are some pictures of them:


IMG_2011 (2)


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