Hail, Rain, Flood

Today we had a kind of subtropical storm with rain and lots of hail……the street in front of our house turned into a little wild river….I was really happy that our cellar came of this completely dry. The window in the cellar looked like a fish tank. We had ┬áheavy rain for many days here,…

Gallows humor and Tequila

Okay it’s Friday and that means weekend but today a friend of mine (and teammate) got fired just for no reason and I’m really disgusted about certain method in private enterprises…. But here again a nice picture, enjoy it and I hope you’ll have a better weekend than me and my friend!!

Take a break with refreshing soda!!-Picturing a Nation

This picture is so weird, I just wanted to take a pic of the new Christmas elf I bought for my sista as a birthday present (whole new decoration, means lot of work for me and my sewing machine….) and then I looked at it and it’s Mr. Pringles and the elf taking a break…

Sun and airplanes

First of all it’s last week of school here in Bavaria and then it’s holiday time!! An what captures this time better then sun and airplanes: But as I stay at home during my holiday because of my ill Hannibal, I’ll show you some pics of him as well Looking at him make me think…

Old habits and a cup of milk

Last weekend I did something I haven’t done for years…I started drawing again. And here is my Lennard for my sista to make her smile: And here is a picture of my Hannibal drinking milk:

Entry ban for Luke Skywalker

Here it is! It’s big, it’s grey, it’s no moon and it’s mine!! The Death Star now floating in my system.. So far I’m not really sure what to do with it. I thought it would be nice with a storm trooper holding it with his arms over his head….but on the other hand that…

Eat, sweat, love

I know I haven’t posted much this week so let’s look up what I have to tell you. Hannibal had his birthday party! Officially I chose 24.7 as his birthday (it’s Punic Hannibal’s Birth year 247.) but due to his bad condition we decided to make him a birthday week… And here is a nice…

Sunny rain in my eye

Some more pictures, including street decoration for the Danube festival and my only self portrait:

Clear the ring!!!

Here are some shots taken at the Danube in front of the big Show tent for our Danube-festival… Have a nice halfweek and enjoy the gallery!!!