Hail, Rain, Flood

Today we had a kind of subtropical storm with rain and lots of hail......the street in front of our house turned into a little wild river....I was really happy that our cellar came of this completely dry. The window in the cellar looked like a fish tank. We had  heavy rain for many days here, … Continue reading Hail, Rain, Flood


Take a break with refreshing soda!!-Picturing a Nation

This picture is so weird, I just wanted to take a pic of the new Christmas elf I bought for my sista as a birthday present (whole new decoration, means lot of work for me and my sewing machine....) and then I looked at it and it's Mr. Pringles and the elf taking a break … Continue reading Take a break with refreshing soda!!-Picturing a Nation

Sun and airplanes

First of all it's last week of school here in Bavaria and then it's holiday time!! An what captures this time better then sun and airplanes: But as I stay at home during my holiday because of my ill Hannibal, I'll show you some pics of him as well Looking at him make me think … Continue reading Sun and airplanes