The Frog, the Eagle and the Butterfly – a Mexican Party

Last weekend was my sista's birthday. We had a rather small party because at the moment I'm like this -> +_+ She wanted a Mexican party like last year and so she got the Skull Birthday Cake: And I made my Mexican Devil's Chicken in our slow cooker: Ingredients: 6  chicken drumsticks 1 large sweet … Continue reading The Frog, the Eagle and the Butterfly – a Mexican Party


Lenny and an unexpected visitor

Hi everyone! My last post now belongs to the area ancient history...but I'm back job's so depressing and exhausting at the moment, I really had no joy posting anything V_v But Lenny wanted me to show this nice picture of him And he also wants me to tell you about a visitor we had … Continue reading Lenny and an unexpected visitor

New Realism 2.0 – Gnocchi

I enjoy reading food blogs on the internet and I'm always so impressed by the detailed and beautiful pictures there, all looks so professional and perfect. If I would make pictures while cooking it would look different, as you can see in this post: Last week my sista bought the first pumpkin in this fall … Continue reading New Realism 2.0 – Gnocchi

Flowers in the summer, Fires in the fall!

It's September 1st and that means good bye to summer and welcome fall. At my home that's decorating with pumpkin and leaves.... And speaking of pumpkins we had a great, delicious supper today with pumpkin, I just have to share this one. I have already told you that I'm collecting recipes and cookbooks and I … Continue reading Flowers in the summer, Fires in the fall!