Through the claret glass – a tale of empty stomachs, a death star and a little hedgehog

Here is a synopsis of our holidays….short, confusing and rather disjointed.

I want to start with the menu, it was delicious as always but at the same time too much as always…

Starter: Sparkling Cranberry Cocktail with Parmesan Shortbread (a Nigella Lawson recipe)

Main dishes: saddle of venison with potato-mushroom crust, red cabbage and red wine sauce

We finished with a cheese platter and red wine cake…

Did I cook anything of it? No, my sista is the cook as every holiday….sometimes I think my cooking abilities aren’t very appreciated in my family….<_<….but enough of it, here are some pictures:

On December 24th we watched ‘Muppets A Christmas Carol’, we always do so for….hm…20 years..dunno…can’t remember…..yesterday we watched ‘Rogue One’, a movie which surprised my positively (not many blockbusters do that nowadays)…it was a bit Star Wars, a bit War movie. I don’t like ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Twilight’, so I don’t need much Fantasy or Romance, so it was fine with me…

‘Rogue One’ was a present I got and so was a book of ‘The Foxwood Treasury’ by Cynthia and Brian Paterson, a very nice children book with beautiful illustrations. I’ve already talked about my love for illustrated children books in an earlier post and so I needed the Foxwood Tales, they are very British and vintage, a bit of a Beatrix Potter style without copying it….very cute….if you don’t know them, google them…:)


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